UBCSCC Supplemental Regulations

2018/19 Supplemental Regulations

Held under the 2018 CACC General Competiton Rules and SoloSport – AutoSlalom Events Rules. All CACC rules apply except where superseded by UBCSCC Supplemental Regulations.


  • The off-course speed limit is 15 km/h. All posted speed limits on access roads must be obeyed. Infractions will result in immediate expulsion from the event.
  • A strict sound limit of 92db measured from 50’ perpendicular to the vehicle will be enforced. One warning will be given upon infraction, further infractions will result in the vehicle being parked for the remainder of the event. No refunds will be given.
  • Speeding, burnouts and loud music will result in immediate expulsion from the event.
  • Tire lockup or squeal is strongly discouraged. Consistent infraction will result in the vehicle being parked for the remainder of the event. No refunds will be given.
  • Vehicle eligibility remains at the ultimate discretion of the Event Chair.
  • All drivers are required to hold current UBCSCC membership, or must purchase a day membership on MSR.
  • Event credit will be given for cancellations up to 7 days prior to the event. Cancellations within 7 days may be credited should the event chair find a suitable replacement.
  • Preregistration is required through Motorsportsreg.com
  • Morning Schedule:
    • Gates open                     7:30am
    • Course open for walking            7:30am
    • Registration/ Technical inspection open     8:00am
    • Guided course walk                8:30am
    • Course closed for walking            8:55am
    • Drivers meeting (Mandatory)            9:00am
    • First car on course (Heat 1)            9:30am
  • All drivers must register and have their car tech inspected before being allowed to compete.
  • All drivers must be present for the driver’s meeting and complete at least one course walk.
  • All drivers must hold a valid driver’s license and be at least 16 years of age.
  • Drivers under the age of 19 are required to complete an Underage Participation Waiver and present it at morning registration.
  • Photographers on course require express permission from the Event Chair.
  • Photographers require a high-vis vest and designated spotter at all times while on course.
  • Onboard cameras must be securely mounted to the vehicle, handheld devices are expressly prohibited. Violators may have equipment confiscated.
  • By registering and participating for this event, all drivers give explicit permission for other drivers, spectators, and/or executive members to take photos/videos of their vehicles while participating in the event. Furthermore, all drivers acknowledge that these photos will be publicly posted without removing any identifying features (including license plates) and may be used for personal or promotional purposes without any form of payment or consideration.
  • Snell/DOT 2010 or newer helmets are required to be worn by anyone in a vehicle that is competing, this includes passengers and drivers.
  • Helmets will be inspected during tech inspection.
  • There will be no more than two people in a vehicle that is competing.
  • Passengers are allowed for official timed runs.
  • The privilege to have a passenger ride along can be revoked by a UBCSCC executive at any time.
  • No alcohol, drugs or smoking is permitted on the pad, violation will result in immediate expulsion. (This includes e-cigarettes and vaporizers)
  • Competitors are not permitted to compete under the influence of drugs or alcohol, violation will result in immediate expulsion.
  • Pre-grid and course areas are off limits to children and animals.
  • Pets must be leashed while on site.
  • All competitors must complete work assignments, failure to do so will result in all times being removed from final results.
  • Competitors wishing change run heats must make are request to a UBCSCC executive prior to the drivers meeting.
  • Competitors running outside of their group’s heat may be subject to a protest subject to significant weather changes.
  • Competitors must keep grid and parking area clean. All spilled fluids must be cleaned, and any garbage or waste must be removed prior to parking after completion of a heat.
  • Incidents involving injury and/or property damage occurring on the event site, or associated with the event will be reported as soon as possible to the Event Chair and the Event Steward.
  • Events are held at the sole discretion of the UBCSCC executive team. Should conditions be deemed too dangerous to hold an event (ie: snow,ice,storms,etc) the event may be canceled or postponed at any time. All efforts will be made to notify competitors and promptly reschedule any canceled event.


  • A “Novice” driver is defined as a person who has competed in three or fewer scored AutoSlalom events before January 1st of the current calendar year.
  • Novice drivers must attend the guided course walk starting at 8:30am.
  • Novice drivers are not allowed passengers, other than a senior driver for instructional purposes.
  • Each novice driver must have a senior driver sit with them during their first run of the day, unless exemption is granted by the Event Chair.


  • Autoslalom events will follow the current SCCA classing for the year. Most current PAX values will be used.
  • All competitors have the right to protest another competitor’s class.
  • It is the protester’s responsibility to prove their allegations.
  • Protests are required to be sent to info@ubcscc.com within 72 hours of the results being posted.
  • Successful protests will be posted in the results thread on the forum.
  • Results are not final until 72 hours after they have been posted.
  • UBCSCC retains the right to revoke or modify free events subject to classing or ranking changes
  • Any driver competing in more than one car class for the day will be awarded the highest pax value of the driven cars for all of the driver’s runs.


  • Any damage to the facility or our equipment as a direct result of the actions of a driver will be billed to that driver without limit. This includes but is not limited to contact with timing equipment, fence damage, surface damage due to fluid spills, and surface damage due to improper jacking (no wood block under the jack on hot days).
  • Site restrictions may be imposed by site owner regarding off limit areas. These may be posted separately or on site.


  • Scoring Format: A competitor’s score for each run shall be recorded as the total time in seconds plus penalties (number of pylons). The corrected time with pylon penalties translated into time shall also be calculated. PAX Times will be calculated as follows: Time = (raw time x PAX Index) + pylon penalties.
  • The fastest of official timed runs including penalties will be used to determine event standings. A cone will count for 2 seconds and missed gates will be deemed a DNF.