Slush Series

What is the UBC Slush Series?

The UBC Slush Series is a unique 7-part autocross championship series running over the winter months. With all other local clubs taking a winter break, it’s a great chance for novice and experienced drivers alike to get a head start on the competition for the various championships run over the regular season. With such a wide variety of weather possible, it’s also a great time to get some practice driving in various conditions – we run our events in just about anything mother nature can come up with (including beautiful sunshine!)

Important Dates

October 7th – Slush Series #1
November 18th – Slush Series #2
December 2nd – Slush Series #3
January 13th – Slush Series #4
February 3rd – Slush Series #5
March 3rd – Slush Series #6
March 24th – Slush Series #7

Please note, like all other UBCSCC AutoX events, each Slush Series event is capped at a maximum number of drivers (usually 60 for single pad, and 90 for double pad), and registration is done through (“MSR”) only – UBCSCC does not accept onsite registration! You can find sign-up links on our forum as we post up event sign-ups. You can sign up for a new membership at the same time and pick up your membership card and barcode at your first event. Online registration closes at 10:00pm the night before the event.

Class Groupings & Scoring

All groups will be compared using indexed (“PAX”) times using SCCA PAX values of the year which Slush 1 takes place (including the Slush Series events occurring in the following year). The Slush Series is scored on each driver’s best 5 of 7 events; however, 4 of 7 events used for calculating Slush Series points must be in one specific vehicle and class.Your slush group is determined by whichever group you have run your 4 out of 7 events in. The top 3 drivers from Street Touring Index and Index as determined at the end of the series, will move on to Top Gun for future Slush Series. Due to the competitive nature of the Top Gun group, no car may have more than 2 drivers competing in Top Gun. This does not apply to the other driver groups. Drivers wishing to do a run in a vehicle other than their registered vehicle will have that run DNFed, unless it is due to a mechanical failure.

Note: while drivers may choose their group to compete in, the UBCSCC Executive Team retains the right to move drivers in the interest of promoting even competition and sportsmanlike behaviour among competitors.

Group 1 – TOP GUN

This is the class for any and all drivers gunning for the title of Slush Series Top Gun. Serious driving talent and serious car preparation are required to win this class against the fastest drivers in the region. Top Gun – if you are looking for a challenge – you’ve found it! This group is also for those competitors who have placed in the top three positions in both Index and Street Touring Index in recent years.

Group 2 – NOVICE

If you are new to the sport, this is the place to be, compete against your fellow novices to see who has what it takes to become our Slush Series Novice Champion! *** For the purposes of the UBCSCC Slush Series, a novice is defined as a person who has competed in 3 or fewer autocross events of any kind before the first Slush Series event of the season. *** (Including but not limited to UBCSCC AutoX 101, VCMC Velocity Driving School, UBCSCC Team Enduro, BC Autoslalom Championships, any club’s AutoX events or other motorsport experience)

Group 3 – INDEX

This class is for drivers who run cars in stock, prepared, modified, or other classes that are specifically NOT street touring classes.


This class is for drivers to run their cars that are normally classed in Street Touring on street tires ONLY. Please note only cars competing in STF, STS, STX, STR, or STU are eligible for this group.

Sponsors & Prizes

At the end of the series, the top 5 competitors from each class will receive a limited edition Slush Series hoodie, with the top 3 competitors also winning trophies. More prizes to be announced, stay tuned!

Inclement Weather

In the event of inclement weather, it will be the responsibility of the UBCSCC executive team to determine if the scheduled event will go forth as a competitive event, be changed to an exhibition event, or be cancelled entirely. Should there be snowy/icy conditions on the pad, it is expected that competing vehicles will have snow tires (mountain/snowflake stamped) of adequate tread to ensure the safety of all participants and spectators. If an event is cancelled, all efforts will be made to schedule a make-up event.

BONUS – For Novice Drivers!

The top driver of each event competing in the “NOVICE” group, as determined by their indexed ranking, will receive FREE entry to the next Slush event!

BONUS 2 – For Drivers From Out of Town! *NEW*

The top driver from out of town will receive FREE entry to the next Slush event! This includes drivers visiting from outside of the Fraser Valley (e.g. Vancouver Island, the interior of BC, Alberta or the USA).

Note: Due to the our events selling out very quickly, in both of the above cases, the free event will be credited to the driver’s MSR account. This credit must be used within 3 months of receiving it, so make sure you sign up quick!

UBCSCC Slush Series FAQ

I have done lots of track days in the past and used to kart, but I am looking to get into autocross, do I qualify as a novice for slush series?

No, you would be competing in either Index or Street Touring Index, depending on your car classification. Novice classes are for drivers with little to no motorsport experience.

I have two friends co-driving a car in Top Gun group, can I drive the same car if I’m competing in a different group?

Yes, you may compete in the same car, provided that there are no more than TWO drivers in Top Gun per car. This is to help maintain fair competition by keeping drivers in Top Gun confined to one run heat.

I drive an SMF CRX, but after having completed my morning runs it has started to rain. Can I drive my friend’s Subaru since it is more competitive in the rain?

You are more than welcome to do a run in another vehicle after seeking approval from a UBCSCC executive, however any runs done in a vehicle other than that which you registered with will be DNFed.

Okay…but my car broke and I can’t continue to drive it, now can I drive the Subaru?

If the vehicle change is due to mechanical failure, notify a UBCSCC executive and you will be allowed to complete the event in another competing vehicle, using the PAX values appropriate to that vehicle.

I competed in Top Gun years ago, but have taken some time off. I’d like to return to the sport, can I compete in an Index group?

No, to promote fair competition, we do not allow drivers to bump down groups.

I have competed in 3 Slush Series events in Index group, but my car broke, can I co-drive with someone in Street Touring Index for the remainder of the series?

We strongly discourage drivers from switching between Index and Street Touring Index, however, it is not against the rules to do so.

I have competed in 3 Slush Series events in Street Touring Index, but recently got an awesome deal on some racing slicks, can I change groups to compete in Index?

As with the previous question, we discourage drivers from switching between the two Index groups, but it is allowed as per the rules.

Can I compete in Novice and Index at the same time? I’m such a good driver that I’d totally win both groups!!!

No, you may only compete in one group at a time. Drivers that start the series in Novice will remain in the Novice group for the entirety of the series, likewise with Top Gun.

I won Street Touring Index this year, do I really have to move up to Top Gun?

Yes, if you place in the top 3 in either Index or Street Touring Index, you will move up to Top Gun. Take it as a challenge to better yourself!