UBCSCC has been holding Autocross (AutoX) events since its inception in the 1950’s. Students and alumnis back then started racing in parking lots on campus, namely The Barn, and other venues in the Lower Mainland. AutoX is the lifeblood of this club, bringing in many racers which forms the majority of our membership base. Every year, we continue to accept racers guys and girls, young and old, UBC students and not.

Autoslalom aka Autocross / AutoX

From a grassroot level, this is the least expensive organized form of motorsport where most begin when they get into racing. The basic concepts of this sport can be summarized by the following:

-A race against time; One car on course
-Manueover a road course made up of traffic cones as quickly as you can
-Cars of different performance potential and modifications are divided into classes
-Each class has a multiplier for indexing times between classes for equal competition
-AutoX is a volunteer sport; You race, and then you work. No work, no timesFor our current list of AutoX events and other club happenings, please see the right side bar calendar or our MotorsportReg page.